Trimming Your To Do List

I know that as an entrepreneur you have a to do list that’s even longer than your list of goals. I know it. The list is in your smartphone, your calendar, or scribbled on a notepad. It seems that like Pinocchio’s nose it continues to grow and grow and grow! I have been guilty of the never ending to do list too. What does this endless list do to you? It overwhelms, frustrates and cripples you. Yes I said it cripples your creativity. If you are forever in a state of doing, when can you reflect on what you’ve done?

In my Idea to Business in Three Weeks Podcast Series, I explain the importance of creating opportunities to celebrate the accomplishment of short term targets, but if you are always busy when will you have the opportunity to do this? Instead you will trick yourself into believing you are further away from your goals because your To Do List never shortens. Anyway, I am not here to preach at you but help you. Here is what I have begun doing to keep trim my To Do List and maintain my sanity and peace.

  • I place only TWO THINGS on my To Do List at once. Yes you heard me. I write TWO things down that I wish to accomplish for that day. There must never be more than TWO things on my list at any one time. The truth is the brain cannot multitask well. Research has shown that attempting to multitask actually degrades concentration and effectiveness. It is better to give yourself, your mind and your creativity completely to one task at a time. It’s easier to do that if you are not constantly thinking about how many more things you have to accomplish before the day’s end on your Pinocchio list.
  • If your  facing mental resistance, brain freeze or any sort of inability to move forward on your first task, move on to and COMPLETE the second. Then add a new number two task on the To Do List. Try moving back to your number one unfinished list. This allows you to not get stuck on an incomplete project but to move on and complete the next one. I did this today. I am writing an article, a top ten list, and was stuck on number three(I started at ten :)). So, I went to my number two which was sending out some specific emails and then moved back to number one. I was able to add a few paragraphs before becoming paralyzed. So I halted and am now completing this post. The feeling of satisfaction is great, the feeling of being overwhelmed – absent.

Try it! Trim your To Do List today! If you like my posts do share and become a subscriber of the site.

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