Positive Thoughts are Invaluable Things Entrepreneurs!

I have a challenge for you!

A reality check of sorts. Take a notepad and write down some of the thoughts you’ve had since you woke up or even over the past week. What do you notice? This is an exercise that I have done with new entrepreneurs in coaching workshops. Invariably they tend to have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. Why? Well the journey of entrepreneurship is challenging and uncertain and so we can be plagued by doubts and fears.

Thoughts though are like energy fields and so negative energy emitted by negative thoughts has a terrible effect on our demeanor, personalities, expectations and faith. We attract negative things and repel all possible positive opportunities and possibilities. You can reprogram your brain to think more positive thoughts and you will attract more positive things.
One good friend of mine once said to me at a low point in my entrepreneurial journey, “why doubt yourself, everyone else is doubting you. Are you really going to join them?” Interesting huh! You can find many books and videos on positive energy and attracting what you want. Here are two of my favorite books:


I also do adore this recording from Earl Nightingale:

Now back to that list that you wrote.

I want you to look at each negative utterance, sentence or thought and remove them AND counteract it with a positive one. You are exceptional and you will do the exceptional if you think thoughts that are positive, forward thinking and full of growth! Thoughts are things.
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