The Small Size of Women Led Businesses

In my last blog post I shared some of the key findings off my ongoing research on the general topic of women and entrepreneurship as part of my Doctoral Studies. If you have not read that post do take a look here.

One of the findings of almost all researchers in the field of gender and entrepreneurship has been that women are establishing businesses in ever increasing numbers, their businesses remain in general much smaller than businesses male owned businesses. Why is that?

Well here are some of the reasons I have found in my review of more than 200 articles on the topic.

  1. Women often enter entrepreneurship as a result of push factors. This simply means that women often had no entrepreneurial intentions, but instead have been pushed into entrepreneurship for a number of reasons including, unemployment and the desire for an improved work-life balance.
  2. The small size of women’s business are often as a result of under-capitalization. Women begin their businesses with significantly less capital than men. Previous studies on why this occurs offer a diverse set of reasons. Some researchers have found that women are more risk averse than men and so borrow less and seek out less investment capital. Women perceive to a greater percentage than men that they are less likely to receive funding and so apply less often than men. It has also been found that women are often discriminated against by venture capitalists and lenders who are most often male.
  3.  Women’s businesses often remain small because women face societal demands that men do not. The demands of family and caretaking often limit the ability of women to grow their businesses as aggressively as men. In fact one study found that women who did engage in high growth entrepreneurship tended to be married/had now children. I know that I often have Mommy guilt and I have compromised growing as aggressively as I can because I felt that my children needed to be a priority – so this is a finding I have lived as a single parent.

I know, these findings are depressing if you are a female entrepreneur. The good news is that through my research I have also been able to determine strategies that female entrepreneurs can use to be successful in their ventures. In fact I am so passionate about it I created an entire webinar that outlines practical steps women can use to grow their businesses and combat these obstacles they face.

The webinar will:

  1. Outline the top three reasons women entrepreneurs are not making big money in their businesses
  2. Provide you with the TOP THREE most effective strategies to grow your sales and profits
  3. Participants will receive a template to focus their actions to begin growing their sales immediately

The content can change the way you view and do business as a woman. I also want to help women succeed, the webinar is only $40USD and you receive lifetime access so you can review the content whenever you wish and worksheets to help guide your progress. To Learn more click here.

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