The Depressed Entrepreneur


No one tells you this. Not one soul. No one tells you how low the valleys can be in your entrepreneurial journey. They say it’s hard but they don’t define what hard is. Most of the literature says it’s hard work – but it is also hard on your psyche, it’s hard on your pocket, it’s hard on your relationships – and then it is like a cycle because – then it’s hard on your emotions. This is true. I would love to know of one entrepreneur who has not said “this is too much”,who did not feel depressed and down trodden. (If you are one send me an email so I can share your story of ongoing optimism).

All the seminars you attend, all the boot camps, all the podcasts – no one speaks of the psychological lows. I’ve been there myself and though the dungeon of depression can be deep, I have found some ways that you can climb out and move from depressed to just having a down moment – depression is ongoing – down moments are fleeting. This is how I’ve progressed from being depressed.

  • Introspection: I am starting with introspection, because many of us are chasing dreams of entrepreneurial visions that are not in synergy with our passions and purpose. I’ve suffered from this and I have found that you have to step back and make sure they are in alignment. Why? Well, because the hard work that everyone tells you that is required (and is) to keep your business going can only be sustained if you love what you do. So take some time out, and really be honest with yourself. I mean why work for yourself if it’s going to feel like torture – you can feel that way working for someone else and without all the risk and investment.
  • Be Brave: Well, what did you think that you would have introspection without action? Never! So you’ve dug deep and you know deep in your heart what needs changing – this can be little, like simply reworking those parts of your business that don’t align or it can be drastic – you may have to stop what you are doing altogether .
  • Set smaller goals: Sometimes, when you set long range grand plans, you get overwhelmed and can’t see the light at the end of the cliche tunnel. So set smaller goals that get you to the grand goals and set shorter term goals. It’s easier to look at one week at a time than the next 3 years. Plus you are always changing, so is the business environment so shorter term is more effective.
  • Change your focus: Stop focusing on what you have not done. Focus on what you have! I know you’ve accomplished some things – even if it’s just reading this post to help you improve your frame of mind!

Here’s to no more depression!


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