Clarifying Your Business Idea

Day 1 of Idea to Business in 3 weeks Audio Class Series

Listen to day 1 of turning your idea into a business. I use the acronym IDEA to explain to those who want to be entrepreneurs how to differentiate your business from others. The rest of the audio series are available for purchase on this site. Click here to explore the course outline

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Entrepreneurship Academy Core Content

Hello everyone,

Last week I unveiled my new concept of an entrepreneurship academy using an audio post. I got some truly encouraging feedback on my LinkedIn page. Thank you.

Now what I wish to discuss are the core elements of my new entrepreneurship curriculum. I have significant experience as an entrepreneurship coach and trainer contracted by organizations, and as an entrepreneurship educator.I am also working towards my Doctorate with a specialization in Technology Entrepreneurship, and so I knew that there is a niche that my academy can fill.

The Entrepreneurship Academy will focus on some core areas, and be delivered in new and exciting ways, using new and exciting technology and media.

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Bootstrapping
  • New age financing
  • Mentorship
  • Tech savvy
  • Failure
  • Success
  • Business Launch

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Youth Entrepreneurs

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I am so proud of my teenage youth entrepreneurs! Some 24 of them are currently taking the Entrepreneurship Unit 1  CXC course with me. I think though that it is important that they get out into the field and experience what they are learning in the classroom , and learn things that no lecture could ever teach them! So with no warning whatsoever I gave them two weeks to find an entrepreneur, interview him or her and write a reflection piece on the experience. They did great – most of them never interviewed anyone in their lives!

I am committed to guiding youth and others towards entrepreneurship. I think nothing is more empowering.

I can create a program for your school or group or YOU! Be bold step into your future today!

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Whatever you do – move boldly towards your vision. Here’s a look at some of their experiences on the road!Like my students.