Top 5 tips when pitching your business from an entrepreneurship coach

Here I am in the black with lead coach Sergio Escobar and our coachees

Hello everyone,

I know I have been very busy and you have not heard from me in a while. However, I have been doing what I love – coaching entrepreneurs. I was privileged to have served as a coach for the PitchIt Caribbean 2017 edition sponsored by the World Bank. This time the event was held in my home country of St. Kitts. I had the enviable task of coaching six of the 25 Caribbean entrepreneurs with lead coach Sergio Escobar of Montreal, Canada. I was thrilled to note the innovation, willingness to embrace change, and to endure useful critique exhibited by these entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur considering entering a pitch competition, here are my top 5 tips for pitching successfully:

  1. Develop a thick skin – pitch competitions, accelerators, and incubator programs generally have a mentorship or coaching component. Remember, listen to your coaches and mentors and do not take it personally when you are critiqued. Instead, clarify, learn, and modify. Businesses are not static entities and coaches and mentors have an objective lens coupled with experience with which to view your business. They are trying to help not hurt.
  2. Ensure your business model is sound – if your business model is not sound then all assumptions and hypotheses will also be shaky. Understand the elements of your business model. Here is a previous post on the business model to assist. I also offer business model guidance.
  3. Understand your market thoroughly – you should have an intimate knowledge of your competitors locally, regionally, and virtually. Drill down into your target market  – is it a business or an individual consumer? This is important distinction as the strategies to reach your ideal customer will be dependent on these two categorizations.
  4. What is your value – this is  critical. Why would the customer choose you? What value are you providing that others are not? This is why someone would consider investing – and more importantly this is what creates revenue.
  5. Validate – judges want to know what have you done in terms of customer discovery. Remember everything included in your business model is a hypothesis. You have decided that 14 to 18 year old girls will be your target market. What have you done to validate this theory? Have you had focus groups? Have you conducted a survey? Even better have you sold anything to them?

I do hope this helps. Do read, post and share.



Introducing New Services for 2017 – Websites for Small Businesses

Oh my goodness everyone – I know I am late but Happy New Year! Like you I have been reflecting and re-engineering for future growth. This year I have chosen three main goals that I intend to focus on. The big three as I call hem help me to focus very specifically without distraction. Focus is necessary for goal achievement. With that said I will be focusing on bigger events and services for my coaching clients and I intend to roll out a suite of services and events that will help my coaching clients – who are predominantly women grow in all spheres of their lives. My hashtag for this year is #levelupyourlife. I am leveling up and so should you.

My first service is for all of you who are serious about launching your business and need a website. I am introducing website creation services for all small business clients.


Well I did my first Facebook LiveStream this week. My Internet connection was weak and video quality not the best but the message was strong. I spoke about change. Change is a prerequisite for growth- without change you can expect the same results without fail – every time. It is human nature to resist change but if you truly understand that to disrupt your life and move to the next level things will have to be different, you will embrace change. View below.

Life Transformation Coaching Event

If you are in St.Kitts and Nevis save the date for a Ladies Life Transformation  Coaching event on July 29th where I coach you through a life audit, an alignment of your goals and values with your life’s purpose and help you create an action plan to achieve your goals. This is an intimate group event. Message me with your email for details. Only a few spots left.

Invest now in three installments of USD $23.00. Enter your name and click the subscribe button.

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Life Coaching + Academic Coaching

Oh my it has been a while I am so sorry but I have been up to quite a number of things including the training and orientation of educators around the Caribbean region in the new Animation and Game Design syllabus that I was privileged to serve as Convener for the syllabus panel – more on that in another post.

Recently I have been booking quite a number of adult clients who desire academic coaching as they need help making decisions about furthering their education. What I have found is that adults require much more that the normal academic coaching as their lives are complicated and they have less time and room for missteps. I have been combining life coaching with my academic coaching service to provide a holistic experience for my clients. Their life choices, their aspirations, and experiences, their hidden dreams and moonshots and their fears and scares are all uncovered and discussed as a means to assist them in making the correct decision for them academically.

The combination of both aspects of the coaching ensure that my clients do not make academic choices in a vacuum but instead choose options that will provide them with sustainable professional and personal growth that align with their values and genius points.

One of my clients a single mother of four had this to say:

THANK YOU, for your contribution of expertise that you have deposited into my life.

God Bless


If you would like to book a virtual life and academic coaching session with me send me a quick note. You can also have a face to face session if I am in a city or country near you. I hope to hear from you

Entrepreneurship Coaching Services – Supporting your Growth and Peace of Mind

Coaching Sessions (1)

I have a passion for new and novice entrepreneurs as this beginning part of the journey is often chock full of uncertainty, confusion, feelings of despair, co-mingled with excitement, growth, and personal fulfillment. It is during these early years that entrepreneurs need the most support.

Imagine if when your morale was low, or you feel confused, or you are unsure if you have created the correct business model you could reach out to someone who will provide you with not only with support to grow your business but peace of mind. In my own entrepreneurial journey I often felt alone and confused as well in my early years and wondered where I could get the personal and entrepreneurial support that I could afford- as new entrepreneurs are often cash-strapped. So I have created this new on demand service for novice entrepreneurs or even those who are just considering entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneurship educator and trainer I can provide you with this support by phone, email, virtually, and in-person (if I am near your location).

As a new or novice entrepreneur I can coach you to entrepreneurial success and personal growth. Contact me to book me so that I can assist you with your entrepreneurial journey. If I cannot adequately coach you in the are you most need help in I will let you know.

Book me by clicking here.

Caribbean advice for entrepreneurial success


I am proudly #Caribbean and I have been thinking that there are many of our local sayings that can provide guidance in the #entrepreneurial journey. One good one is “one one full basket”. I am going to interpret that for you as a coach in two ways: saving even little amounts is important and many jobs and multiple streams of income all add up to help create wealth.

  • Saving even little amounts is important. Sometime we think our monetary goal is too large for us to attain. However, we can only attain more savings when we do just that – save. The key I am learning is to save what you can afford to – that way you do not constantly deplete your savings by dipping into your stash. The important thing is to save something – some amount any amount consistently.
  • Multiple streams of income all add up to help create wealth. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we get discouraged because we are not landing huge contracts, or the revenue amounts that we thought we would generate we have not. However, it is important to have many revenue generating opportunities in order to fill our income basket. Over time as our businesses grow we will need a bigger basket.

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I Want More!

I Am Disrupting My Life For More____________________

Hello everyone. I know that you have been following my series on Disrupting Your Life. You would recall that in a previous post I discussed signs that indicate that you are ready to disrupt your life

  • unhappy with your progress
  • the feeling of being stuck
  • mired in mediocrity
  • desiring massive change

Perhaps you have said – “this is me. I am ready to disrupt my life – but how do I do it?” Well disruption by definition and nature is a simple concept with few bells and whistles. So the key to knowing what to do to disrupt your life is also simple and lies in one statement. That statement is I want more.

You are disrupting because you want more of something. So the first step on the journey to disruption is to identify what you want more of – is it:

  • freedom
  • work-life balance
  • love
  • money
  • health and wellness

Knowing what you want more of will determine what you must disrupt to achieve what you want more of. So do some brainstorming. I want more_______________.

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Jump Start Your Business in 90 Days Coaching Program

Jump Start Your Business in 90 Days

I am so excited to resume my personal coaching services. I know that sometimes you get stuck, stymied, stagnant in your entrepreneurial ventures. Sometimes you simply have an idea but no clue how to move forward. Then this coaching program was made for you!

Having worked with nascent and serial entrepreneurs I know that everyone no matter their experience managing and establishing ventures gets stuck sometimes and needs an objective, qualified eye. I have many years in entrepreneurial education and practical experience consulting, and have seen many an entrepreneurial venture blossom with the dedication of their owners and my coaching. So head on over to my Coaching Services Page to invest in your venture for $400.00.

Program Benefits Include:

• An in-depth, pre-session questionnaire to prepare you for your Personal Coaching Session.

• A Jump Start Your Business session with  founder Tamu Petra Browne (a 3-hour virtual business consulting session), where we will redesign your business model and create an action plan for the next
90 days

• An MP3 recording of the entire 3-hour session for you to listen to and learn from later

• Jump Start Your Business in 90 Days Checklist and Action Plan Template outlining the steps you need to master in your business

• 6 bi-weekly (every other week) follow-up 30-min coaching calls with Tamu where you get support with implementing the 90-Day Checklist & Action Plan, track your progress and outline the next
steps for success

• Unlimited email access to me for 3 months

• A customized business model canvas an indispensable tool for business managers and entrepreneurs

BONUS #1: Application of the applicable fast action scholarship on your next service or session (up to $1000 value)

BONUS #2: A special gift that will assist your growth and personal development!

Invest today and learn more.

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