Stop resisting yourself!

I came across this blog post by Kajabi about overcoming resistance as an entrepreneur. Okay I know you are thinking – well nothing new about that! What was new was the idea that the resistance came from yourself. So true.

I know that this has been an issue from me – doubt, fear, uncertainty. All are resistance builders, creativity killers, happiness drainers. Even as I have taken the bold move to grow my business coaching business by putting it online at I too faced resistance from myself.

I have found three steps to overcome internal resistance:

  1. Focus on the outcome – your ultimate goal. Bask in it. Envision it. Affirm it. Write it down. Keeping it as your carrot and not a stick will keep you going and banish all resistance to achieve it.
  2. Create a schedule – Get a calendar out. Plan out your week. I find that this exercise provides you with an action plan. The action plan removes the uncertainty because now you know what your day will look like.
  3. Keep your goals private – yep! Much of the reason why you are facing resistance is because you are fearing the opinions and criticisms of others. So simply don’t divulge or if you do, do so only to those who you are POSITIVE will support you.

Here is a link to the Kajabi blog that inspired this post.

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