New entrepreneur – Nascent or Novice?

 Okay so there is always lots of terminology that goes around in the entrepreneurial field – trep, novice, habitual, serial, portfolio and of course, start-up genius (heheeee)! When you are new in the entrepreneurial game and seeking resources it helps to define exactly what type of entrepreneur you are. Not all advice is best suited for all entrepreneurs you know. What a new entrepreneur needs, wants, fears is quite different from a more experienced entrepreneur.

How do I know? Well, when I am contracted to co-ordinate and facilitate entrepreneurship boot camps or seminars, the experienced (serial, portfolio) entrepreneur is more vocal, more sure, more efficient often than those just starting out or those thinking about testing the waters. So let me help you define who you are so you can get the resources that most benefit you!

Now I have a passion for the new entrepreneur, and that is primarily my niche. I help the nascent and the novice entrepreneur craft the business that they envision. So let us define these pesky terms.

  • Nascent  – a person who is seriously considering undertaking entrepreneurial activity and begin to commit time and other resources to founding a new firm. HUH? Okay this simply means that a nascent entrepreneur is someone (or a team) who is trying to start an independent business. Here is some further reading on nascent entrepreneurs.
  • Novice  –  an individual who has successfully launched his/her  first business. So now you may be wondering, well exactly what is the difference between the two.  The goal is that nascent entrepreneurs become novice entrepreneurs. That they move beyond attempting to actually operating their ventures as a novice entrepreneur.

No matter the terminology it means that you are new in the game, and you may need some direction. My aim here is to help you clarify, differentiate and operate a successful new venture. Here are some financial tips from a Shark Tank Star for the newbie!

If you are a nascent or novice entrepreneur you may want to kickstart your business with one of these two online courses or workshops. Click the links to learn more.

  1. Create your Business Model and One Page Business Plan
  2. How to Start a Business in Three Weeks
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