My Test in Disruption


As you my readers know, I write often about disruption and disrupting your life, This week I have been experiencing my own disruption. My doctoral committee chair is ill and left the program suddenly. I do send her my best wishes for recovery. So I have a new chair with new demands, a new paradigm, and personality. So I now am facing disruption. It has been stressful. However, upon reflection and being a student of my own teachings, I quickly realized that I must adopt a new frame of mind, a new perspective – one shielded from external stress.

I know from experience that when you resist the natural flow of life and resist change you become stressed and stretched. Instead I must be willing to ride this wave of disruption like a surfer to its ultimate end. Although the specific route may be uncertain, what is certain is that the destination will be the same – the completion of my doctoral degree.

So I challenge you – like me to surrender any resistance to change and embrace disruption be it of your own making or not. Say like me. “I welcome you, Disruption and I am unafraid.”

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