Love and Disruption

love and disruption

Well the season of love is upon us. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it is an opportune time for introspection of what it means to love. As you know I have begun this year with challenging you and me to disrupt our lives. I also gave some advice on how to determine if it may be time to disrupt your life.

So now you are wondering what any of this has to do with Valentine’s Day or love for that matter? Well, here goes. I do believe that to garner the courage to disrupt your life you must love yourself enough to embrace the disruption that is necessary to create massive changes in your life – in our lives.

Consider this. If you are settling for less than you deserve. Do you love yourself? If you are under-utilizing your talents – do you love yourself. If you are unwilling or afraid to make the changes required to maximize your time on this earth, to embrace, to explore, to fulfill your dreams – if you are unwilling do you love yourself?

The decision to disrupt is a decision to love yourself. They are twinned – inseparable. For only if you love yourself will you be willing to disrupt the present to create a magnificent future.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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