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Oh my it has been a while I am so sorry but I have been up to quite a number of things including the training and orientation of educators around the Caribbean region in the new Animation and Game Design syllabus that I was privileged to serve as Convener for the syllabus panel – more on that in another post.

Recently I have been booking quite a number of adult clients who desire academic coaching as they need help making decisions about furthering their education. What I have found is that adults require much more that the normal academic coaching as their lives are complicated and they have less time and room for missteps. I have been combining life coaching with my academic coaching service to provide a holistic experience for my clients. Their life choices, their aspirations, and experiences, their hidden dreams and moonshots and their fears and scares are all uncovered and discussed as a means to assist them in making the correct decision for them academically.

The combination of both aspects of the coaching ensure that my clients do not make academic choices in a vacuum but instead choose options that will provide them with sustainable professional and personal growth that align with their values and genius points.

One of my clients a single mother of four had this to say:

THANK YOU, for your contribution of expertise that you have deposited into my life.

God Bless


If you would like to book a virtual life and academic coaching session with me send me a quick note. You can also have a face to face session if I am in a city or country near you. I hope to hear from you

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