International Women’s Day – A guide for women entrepreneurs

Women's Day
I know that thousands of tweets, blog posts, Facebook statuses will all be addressing the topic of women as today is International Women’s Day. Let me lend my voice to the day and the fray.
This morning as I mused and mulled over the significance of the day and what it meant to women and the world, I wondered if the millions of women who are denied opportunities, are deemed unequal in their societies or those who are denied equal pay, even spare a thought to International Women’s Day, I bet not. Here is a thought – perhaps they do not feel oppressed, and so our fight has no relevance to their lives and cultures. Just a thought!
I further considered and wondered if equality for all women can only ever be attained if those of us who live in more liberal communities and societies, actually advance our own cause. Perhaps then, there will be a slow creep to female domination. Okay – at least equality.
As a solo entrepreneur one of my services is entrepreneurship consulting – taking rough ideas and helping to create polished products and smooth services. What I have realized in my entrepreneurial journey is that women line up in the business queue hoping to eventually make it to the head of the table, instead of just clearing the crumbs from it. My experience has also taught me that hope just won’t do it. Women – you need a plan!

Here are 3 tips to make it to the head of the table – stilettos and style intact!

1. Get out of the queue! What!!!! Yes give someone else your spot. Have you considered that it may be better to build your own table and become the concierge for someone else – who sits at the head of their own table? Instead of fighting to get to the front of the line, have other people line up for you. Be your own boss – become an entrepreneur and woo those at the heads of other tables to become your clients and valued customers! Just a thought.

2. Set yourself apart. Whether you choose to be your own boss or be the boss in someone else’s company, you must distinguish yourself from your colleagues. There is really no substitute for competence, knowledge and expertise. Learn all you can. Be a team player but do not be afraid to seize opportunities for leadership. You w ant to be on top – you must distinguish yourself from the masses. The boss should know your name, your work product should be prized and your effectiveness unmatched.

3. Negotiate – push back! My mother taught me this push back! How will you get where you want to go if you are only accepting what someone else gives you. Be tough in contract negotiations. Be firm about what you need and why. Never take the first “No” for an answer. Once you have set yourself apart, shown your extreme competence and efficiency, and you are valued – you can get what you want, almost always. Give a little but not on what matters.

Every day – you as a woman are alive it is International Women’s Day. Celebrate your worth, seek to increase it. Never stop moving, growing and becoming the best. Head on over and download the Get What You’re Worth Workbook by filling in the easy sign up form. Do share and follow.

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