I Want More!

I Am Disrupting My Life For More____________________

Hello everyone. I know that you have been following my series on Disrupting Your Life. You would recall that in a previous post I discussed signs that indicate that you are ready to disrupt your life

  • unhappy with your progress
  • the feeling of being stuck
  • mired in mediocrity
  • desiring massive change

Perhaps you have said – “this is me. I am ready to disrupt my life – but how do I do it?” Well disruption by definition and nature is a simple concept with few bells and whistles. So the key to knowing what to do to disrupt your life is also simple and lies in one statement. That statement is I want more.

You are disrupting because you want more of something. So the first step on the journey to disruption is to identify what you want more of – is it:

  • freedom
  • work-life balance
  • love
  • money
  • health and wellness

Knowing what you want more of will determine what you must disrupt to achieve what you want more of. So do some brainstorming. I want more_______________.

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