How Productive are you?

I had the pleasure of being a speaker at a Transformational Fora Workshop. My topic #nurturingproductivity. I defined productivity as NOT being busy but instead making measurable steps towards the achievement of a goal. How can you be productive by giving undivided time and attention and an energy of intention to the goal. How can you be productive. Set a goal or two or three (max) and every day determine what tasks or actions you will take to meet these goals. All other work is busy work not productivity. So are you being productive?

So here are the steps:

  1. Write down at MOST three clear goals.  A clear goal should be concise, preferably measurable but definitely specific.
  2. Review your goals daily.
  3. Write down at MOST THREE tasks or actions you will complete that week or day to help you achieve those goals.
  4. Repeat until goal achievement, then bask in your productivity.

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