How do you know it is time to disrupt your life?

Hello everyone,

If you have read my previous post on disrupting your life for 2016, you would be aware that I advocated that the New Year is a perfect time to disrupt your life if you wish to achieve massive results and progress in your life. However, you may be wondering how do I know if I am ready for disruption. Well the signs are simple, and that is why disruption theory is fabulous because it is fundamentally simple. Here are the signs you are ready for disruption.

  1. You feel stifled and you yearn for more. That lackluster feeling that has crept into your life, that feeling of dissatisfaction means that it is time to disrupt your life.


2. You are not making appreciable progress towards goal achievement. We all have life goals. Whether those goals are business related, health related or family oriented. We have magnificent things we wish to achieve before our time on earth ends. If you have not been making great progress or even regressed when it comes to your goals – it is time to disrupt your life!

So do some reflection. Is your life characterized by any of the above? Then it is time. Do listen to my podcast on the topic on Soundcloud. Do also follow my blog and podcasts!

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