Growth Requires Change

I have some cold hard truth for you. You may not like it or welcome it but you must face it. You are going to have to leave certain things behind if you are going to make massive change in your life. You will have to sacrifice your status quo and you will have to change your current patterns to realize future change. Humans often resist change and this is a natural instinct that you will have to suppress, and instead, turn your back on the desire to do the same things, speak to the same people, and embrace the same situations. Change will be necessary for your growth. You can choose to change gradually or radically – but you MUST change. There are TWO main aspects of your life that will yield you the most change and serve as the main catalysts of your growth – but they are the most challenging.

  1. You will need to change some of your friends. The truth is you will have to downgrade some of your friends to acquaintances or cut them off all together. You will need to reduce the time you spend with friends who do not enable your growth, who are themselves stagnant, and have little to contribute to you, and to whom you can pour into because they also wish to grow. They are wasting your time. Growth requires time – time to learn, time to listen, time to hone your skills, time to think, time to innovate, time to read, time to mull over your next move. This means that if your time is consumed with people griping over the same things, discussing the same situations, gossiping, and spilling negative energy into the universe. You will need to relegate them to the lowest rung on your ladder of life. Harsh but true.
  2. You will need to change your habits.  One of those habits is wasting time… read above. This is an especially challenging requirement for change as we all have practiced this destructive habit for decades. All patterns are hard to break, especially old ones, but you must break them if you are to grow. Any habit that detracts from your growth and productivity, professionally and personally needs to be interrupted. It may be a habit that seems relatively minor like checking your Instagram or Facebook feed constantly ( if you do business online then you need to respond in a timely manner though) or waking up late and going to bed early – less productive hours. Perhaps you are supremely critical of yourself – stop it – appreciate your development – learn from any mistake and leave it behind. Perhaps you crave the approval of others before you make a professional or personal decision – stop it – it is your life and no one else’s.

So how do you determine what and who to eliminate. Sit with a piece of paper and do an inventory. List the names of the people with whom you spend the most time, whether in person or via phone or social media. Consider if the majority of your conversations are about the same things, people, and situations – if so – they deserve less time.  As you live your life, notice some of the habits you engage in. Note them as they appear. Choose one habit to break at a time and work yourself through your list.

Growth isn’t easy or everyone would be insanely successful, so applaud yourself as you set off and leave the familiar behind. It’s okay to change.

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