Three Free Apps to Manage your Small Business’Finances

I know that as new entrepreneurs we are always minding our money – as we should. So I’ve decided to assemble a short list of apps that you can use to help you stay organized and on top of your finances.

 WaveApps – Now I can speak about this amazing software because it’s what I use and have used for more than two years. I love it.  Not only does it allow you to enter transactions individually, create estimates, invoices and issue receipts when invoices are paid. It also sends automatic reminders of payments due if you wish. If you live in the United States you can also accept credit cards through Waveapps. You can do payroll, add vendors, create financial statements and run reports – all of that for FREE! Told you I love it! There is a pro version, but truth be told I have never investigated it, as the free version is just so robust, for most new and small entrepreneurs it has more than enough functionality.

Fastdue – has a library of business forms that you can easily modify to suit your business’ needs. The often used receipts, invoices and estimate are of course available for use. However, more complex documents such as Non-disclosure and Sales Representative Agreements; leases and intellectual property contracts. What is  exciting about Fast Due is that you simply type in your information and it slots it in for you. There is no need to register to use their templates and forms, so in a pinch you can create the document you need, customized for your small business and send it by email in pdf format. – ERPLY is your very own Point of Sale System. No need to purchase an off the shelf POS for hundreds of dollars. ERPLY allows you to turn any computer, smartphone or tablet into a Point of Sale System. Cool! Everything is stored in the cloud so that you can access your sales history, customers, transactions and everything you need from anywhere with an Internet connection. You ca issue coupons, give discounts, create multiple user accounts, accept credit and debit cards. The list of features is long and lovely and FREE!!!

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