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I have a passion for new and novice entrepreneurs as this beginning part of the journey is often chock full of uncertainty, confusion, feelings of despair, co-mingled with excitement, growth, and personal fulfillment. It is during these early years that entrepreneurs need the most support.

Imagine if when your morale was low, or you feel confused, or you are unsure if you have created the correct business model you could reach out to someone who will provide you with not only with support to grow your business but peace of mind. In my own entrepreneurial journey I often felt alone and confused as well in my early years and wondered where I could get the personal and entrepreneurial support that I could afford- as new entrepreneurs are often cash-strapped. So I have created this new on demand service for novice entrepreneurs or even those who are just considering entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneurship educator and trainer I can provide you with this support by phone, email, virtually, and in-person (if I am near your location).

As a new or novice entrepreneur I can coach you to entrepreneurial success and personal growth. Contact me to book me so that I can assist you with your entrepreneurial journey. If I cannot adequately coach you in the are you most need help in I will let you know.

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