Customized Coaching Sessions

Customized Coaching 2

It is often difficult for me to anticipate your needs but I can assist you. My wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, general manager, educator, self-published author, Doctoral student.. and more… gives me the opportunity to help you grow. So if you have a need contact me and I will customize a solution to assist you if I believe I can help you grow and help you make massive change in your life.

I can offer you assistance in any number of areas including:

  • Time management (as an entrepreneur, mom, doctoral student, educator. I know quite a bit about that)
  • Educational advisement (not sure of your next steps to increase your academic qualifications. Which university, which college. Should I home school my children?)
  • Entrepreneurship Assistance (do you need help with your business plan, understanding the steps involved to start your business, creating your website, understanding your business model?)
  • Self Publishing ( I have self published three educational texts)
  • Life Coaching ( how can I grow my life despite my setbacks, create an action plan to improve your life. I have been through it all – abuse, financial hardship. I can help)

So how does it work. Contact me. Explain your needs. I will respond with two offers of assistance. Choose one. Invest by paying. We set a date for consultation virtually and we begin the process of improving your life.

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