Creativity in the classroom

I think by now if you have read any of my blogs you know that I am a fan of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. In fact I am conceptualizing my doctoral topic – I do believe I will be researching disruptive innovation,

What I wish to discuss today is creativity in the learning spaces – now those spaces may be the traditional classroom or training rooms – or wherever one learns as a matter of fact. Now the traditional paradigm of learning and teaching is teacher led and centered. Now may challenge is if you are a practitioner or scholar of entrepreneurship – which then means you espouse creativity and innovation – will the traditional paradigm work for you? Is it not a tad bit a misalignment to ask for creativity in a staid, traditional learning model?

Now I am not at all saying that some students cannot be creative behind their neat rows of desks, that is fine – but what about those who feel confined and stifled? We should encourage diversity and model variety if that is what you wish of your learners, especially if you wish them to be thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

  • I allow my learners to stand and write, sit and write, use their tablets and smart phones to do voice capture (with my permission).
  • I allow them the freedom to record information however they wish. I also allow pockets of conversations – once it is directly or even indirectly related to the topic.
  • My learners are encouraged to use Socratic questioning with their peers and with me.
  • I take them to the edge of chaos where I believe that creativity and innovation reside.

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