Creativity and the Entrepreneur

classical_brainstorming_and_double_brainstormingI teach Entrepreneurship and my Doctoral specialization is Technology Entrepreneurship and so I have been learning and practicing much in the field. Today I wish to discuss the interaction of creativity and Entrepreneurship.

Much has been written and studied about innovation. In fact it is the new buzz word inextricably linked with the competitive advantage of firms large and small. Now, I am not disputing the importance of innovation to the entrepreneur, but I am asking what of creativity? Why is that in the shadow?

The famous management theorist Drucker got it right when he noted that innovation is the tool of the entrepreneur. I would add that creativity is the mind that conceived the tool.

Creativity is the precursor, the antecedent to innovation. It is the ideation, the idea generation that gives way to how to bring that idea to market in a manner that differentiates the entrepreneur’s good or service from the competitions’.

Creativity is then intertwined with innovation and without it there can actually be no innovation.

So entrepreneurs do not focus entirely on innovation instead hone your creative skills. Seek out and nurture creativity for without it innovation is not possible.

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