Jump Start Your Business in 90 Days

Sponsors for Face to Face Sessions

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I am excited to provide this small group coaching program beginning September 3rd, 2019.

Program Benefits Include:

• An in-depth, pre-session questionnaire to assist me in customizing your coaching while working within a group.

• 3-hour face – to face group business consulting session where we will determine your value proposition and signature offers and products.

• A Jump Start Your Business in 90 Days Checklist and an  Action Plan Template outlining the steps you need to master in your business

• 2 private 30-min follow up virtual sessions with Dr. Tamu where you get support with implementing  your action steps. These are one on one.

This is for you if:

  • you have an existing business but it is not performing as you wish
  • you have a business idea and you are finally ready to put it into action
  • you have a business but want to launch a new product or service

Now  let’s take a look at the curriculum

  • Week 1 – Initial 3 hour Group Face to Face Session to craft your value proposition and build out your top products/services (session will be recorded if you miss it). September 5th – 5 -8 pm.
  • Week 2 – Explaining the customer archetype and how to create yours/video recording sent to participants
  • Week 3  – Do the work – build your customer archetype – homework
  • Week 4 – Online live video session to discuss customer archetypes and receive next steps for validating this customer. (Session recorded if you miss it)
  • Week 5 – Receive a validation pre-recorded mini lesson.
  • Week 6- Schedule your first 30 minute live video private session to hone in on the practical steps to getting your product/service in the market, pricing, and validating it.
  • Week 7 – This week you are working on your business 
  • Week 8 – Virtual group session – feedback, and coaching based on your validation experiences. (Session recorded and sent if you miss it).
  • Week 9 – Virtual session – social media marketing for your business – we will decide what’s right for each of your businesses. Branding expert will join us on this call. Create social media content calendar for the next month. (Session recorded and sent if you miss it).
  • Week 10 – Putting accounting systems in place – learn how to use the resources online to keep track of sales, invoice, and learn best practices. (Session recorded and sent if you miss it).
  • Week 11- Final 30 minute private sessions booked online via video chat
  • Week 12 – Face to Face final evening session where we create a calendar of action steps to take you until December, 2019.

There are only 10 0 spaces left (SOLD OUT). Invest now. If you are interested in registering for a Jump Start session beginning March 2020. Do fill the form below.

Payment Options

Pay in Full and receive a discount of $186 EC pay only $900 EC /$332 USD

Payment Plan One – 2 payments of $200 USD/540 EC

Payment Plan Two – 3 payments of $134 USD/$362 EC

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