Are you an entrepreneur? Find out in this video

               Hey, hey everyone. I know some of you may be wondering if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Perhaps you think because you do not have a fancy office space, or ten thousand followers on Facebook or Instagram you may not be a tried and true entrepreneur. Perhaps you think you have nothing to trade or no value to give others in exchange for money. Well listen up. I have created my own definition of who an entrepreneur is. Listen and then answer the question for yourself. Are you an entrepreneur?

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The Myth of Entrepreneurship as the Savior

Hello everyone,

As promised I said this would be No Nonsense November where I will be giving you the real deal about entrepreneurship. It is important as a New Year approaches and you craft new goals that you be honest about your entrepreneurial journey. I know that when you scroll through your Facebook and Twitter feeds and longingly gaze at the images on Instagram of entrepreneurs who say they are making it big, raking in the dough, have no bills only wealth – you wonder, what is wrong with me?

The answer is NOTHING. The answer is that entrepreneurship is a journey and not an easy one at that. The myth of easy wealth through entrepreneurship is just that – it is a myth. No one posts the:

  • Failed projects where they didn’t make a dime or even lost money on an idea they swore was the best
  • The low bank balances, maxed out credit cards as they struggle to survive
  • The moments of despair when they wonder if they should have left their jobs or feel resigned to giving up on their side hustle

Entrepreneurship is not a savior. In fact, as an entrepreneurship educator one of the most pervasive myths is that entrepreneurs are rich – some are and some hope to be – but entrepreneurship looks different to everyone. Your job this No Nonsense November is to be honest about:

  • Your goals: If you want to be wealthy declare so. If you are happy being comfortable that is fine. If you only want work-life balance – that is what you want
  • Now that you are honest then you must set tasks to move you towards that goal. For instance – if your goal is to be wealthy then you must invest time and when you can money, into your business – be single minded
  • Accept that the journey to your goal is unpredictable, and not a straight path. The acceptance will allow you to emotionally manage your setbacks

It is time to get serious an adopt a No Nonsense and realistic attitude towards entrepreneurship.

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