Caribbean advice for entrepreneurial success


I am proudly #Caribbean and I have been thinking that there are many of our local sayings that can provide guidance in the #entrepreneurial journey. One good one is “one one full basket”. I am going to interpret that for you as a coach in two ways: saving even little amounts is important and many jobs and multiple streams of income all add up to help create wealth.

  • Saving even little amounts is important. Sometime we think our monetary goal is too large for us to attain. However, we can only attain more savings when we do just that – save. The key I am learning is to save what you can afford to – that way you do not constantly deplete your savings by dipping into your stash. The important thing is to save something – some amount any amount consistently.
  • Multiple streams of income all add up to help create wealth. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we get discouraged because we are not landing huge contracts, or the revenue amounts that we thought we would generate we have not. However, it is important to have many revenue generating opportunities in order to fill our income basket. Over time as our businesses grow we will need a bigger basket.

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