The 100 dollar challenge for new entrepreneurs

I know that sometimes it is oh so scary, to just go out there and sell your product or service. So here is a challenge for you to bolster your bravery and make a little money. Your challenge is to make $100 by selling something or providing a service to someone. Here are the rules:

  • You can not sell to an immediate family member who just pities you! Why, that’s not much of a challenge and it will not allow you to practice your communication and persuasive speaking skills.
  • Make your 100 dollars within 1 month.
  • Whatever you sell must be legal. I do not need to explain why!
  • Document what you sold and to whom. Get their contact information. They may be interested in hearing from you or purchasing again. See how easily you have begun building your contact list?
  • Next save your money to invest in your business. Open a bank account or any other means of saving is fine. Of course if your starving or need something do spend it!
  • Finally share your progress and your progress with me!

I gave my students this same challenge and boy did they make even more than a $100 dollars. They used their talents and did manicures, sold cupcakes, gave haircuts. Ir was inspiring. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you! Do become a subscriber!

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