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Business Coach Dr. Tamu of Coaching by Tamu giving a lecture on Sustainable Business Models for Tourism.
Credit: B’jon Bass

We believe in your business

Dr. Tamu works at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship as the founder of Innovative Education and Training Solutions and Coaching by Tamu. Coaching by Tamu is the entrepreneurship education component of Tamu’s ventures focused on guiding Caribbean female entrepreneurs to create and effectively manage high-growth, scalable, and innovative ventures in her role as a business coach. Her Mentored to Millions initiative uses action research to leverage and lead at least ten Caribbean women to a million dollars in revenue. Tamu received her Doctorate in Technology Entrepreneurship, having researched strategies that minority female founders use to receive venture capital funding for technology companies.

Coaching by Tamu provides a truly customized coaching experience for Caribbean entrepreneurs, co-creating with them to build innovative, scalable, and profitable businesses to secure generational wealth. We support Business Support Organizations and all entities seeking to support Caribbean entrepreneurs and build the Caribbean entrepreneurship ecosystem. We create entrepreneurship programs, curricula, and deliver entrepreneurship training. Click to contact us here.

We have worked with organizations such as Caribbean Export Development Agency, World Bank’s PITCHIT Caribbean program, Small Business Development Centres in the region, Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Service Industries, OECS Coalition of Service Industries, Beltraide (Belize), St. Kitts and Nevis Technical Mission, University of the West Indies, UNDP, and many more agencies and entrepreneurs in the region.

Our clients make measurable progress:

  • They move from low four figures to five and six figure revenues.
  • They expand their businesses – they export products and services
  • They become a visible and trusted brand
  • They create winning strategic plans
  • They create new and innovative products and services

Both the business coach and entrepreneur are committed to the process

It takes two to tango, and both coach and entrepreneur are committed to the process. We work together to build a personalized roadmap for success that is focused on the long-term vision.

Focus on long-term vision

We have had success with our clientele when we focus on long-term goals — not quick wins – for our coaching engagements. We make it a priority for you to set achievable milestones with clear timelines so you can stay motivated and make progress in your entrepreneurial journey.

Empowering female entrepreneurs

Our female entrepreneurship programs are designed to help women grow ventures that reach regional and international markets, innovating business models for sustainable competitive advantages in a global economy fraught with uncertainty.

How Coaching by Tamu can help you

Coaching by Tamu is a coaching company that is here to support you as an entrepreneur. As a business coach I am committed to helping you with your business, as well as growing your business and transforming it into a sustainable enterprise.

Designing the future of entrepreneurship

We work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and groups of entrepreneurs as a business coach to develop new strategies and innovative business models that will change the future of entrepreneurship in Caribbean. We work primarily with women entrepreneurs to grow ventures in the region and beyond, by providing them with access to networks of female entrepreneurs and opportunities for growth. We also support business support organizations and NGOs.

As a business coach I know that successful entrepreneurs are not born they are made

We don’t teach people how to be successful, we coach them into it. We share insights about successful people’s mindsets when it comes to building businesses, so that you learn what it takes – from the inside out.

The power of networks

We empower our entrepreneurs through our networks of successful female entrepreneurs, giving opportunities for growth and access to strategic support systems that will help transform their businesses.

We have a suite of online programs and other resources created by our Expert Business Coach, Dr. Tamu, and we can match you with resources suited to your challenge. Click to complete our form to receive recommendations.
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