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I am so pleased to offer a variety of services to aid your business growth and development. My mission is simple. I want to help you improve your life and use my arsenal of talents to do so. Click on the images below to access any one of my coaching packages.

The 2021 Virtual Level UP Ladies Program is now open Learn more below.

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Idea to Business in 3 Weeks

Listen to Day 1 of 15 audio lessons and accompanying worksheets. Click here.

Idea to Business

Thirty Action Steps in 30 Days

Get 1 action step daily for 30 days by email. Your first email is sent within 24 hours of purchase.
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Mentoring Moguls in the Making

Mentoring Moguls in the making is a 6 month coaching program for female entrepreneurs who have been selling their goods and services and wish to:

  • Expand their current business
  • Move into a new area of business
  • Improve their low sales

The 6 month program is a customized experience for each entrepreneur. I have been coaching entrepreneurs for years with great success and as an educator with over a decade of experience I know how to train and guide. Additionally, my doctoral research was focused on female entrepreneurship. I have served as a team coach in the World Bank’s Caribbean PitchIT program. Three of the five entrepreneurs in our team went on to get the top spots out of 25 tech entrepreneurs.  I wrote about that experience here.  Okay let’s discuss the program. Here are your benefits:

  • A monthly meeting – either virtual or face to face (depending on your location) where we set SMART goals, create action plans to  meet those goals, and review your progress towards goal achievement
  • Review your business model and revise it so you can have success as an entrepreneur
  • Review your online presence to ensure that you can leverage social media to review you sales
  • Set key performance indicators which you can use to measure your success

Your investment is USD $249 monthly. Do complete the form below and then we can set up an online call to further discuss our work together. Contact me here.

Leveraging your Leadership Skills Online course – Available until Sept 15th for $200 USD/Payment plan available

Introducing the Leveraging your Leadership Skills course.  Over the past 5 years I have worked in leadership development and have created leadership content and developed leadership  programs for the Caribbean Leadership Project funded by the Canadian Government.  I have also conducted scores of leadership workshops and seminars  for public sector officials, CEOs, and top managers and supervisors. This course is for you if:

  • You are currently leading others but not certain how to do so effectively (no shame)
  • You are an aspiring leader
  • You need convenience – classes are online but with my support and two live video sessions all in the comfort of your home
  • You want to learn 21st century leadership skills – the course includes practical tasks and a project that you can implement to put in practice what we will be exploring
  • You desire personal/professional growth

Now I have completed my Doctorate and #leveledup my qualifications, I am changing and improving all of my offerings. The course has been improved to add – a physical leadership journal mailed to you along with the downloadable online journal, customized coaching and guidance in the online classroom, three payment options, new content, recordings of live sessions. While still retaining the fusion of knowledge and theory with weekly leadership challenges, a guided leadership project that you customize guided by the leadership action plan and goal template and so much more. An online leadership development and coaching program designed to fuse leadership knowledge with skills and on the job projects in your workplace. It is my purpose to elevate women in particular through education and entrepreneurship #levelupyourlife

Month 1 – you begin classes by logging into the Teachable Academy. Classes are paced and become visible weekly and will consist of pre-recorded lectures, readings, tasks – all designed to cover the Module 1 content. This is a month of introspection where you will learn about yourself as a person, as a leader, and work to improve your skills as a leader by looking within.

Month 2 – Module 2 begins. This module covers the core elements required to lead others effectively – communication and motivation. However, we will be focusing through the use of twenty first century theory – the strategies to handle difficult conversations, my own motivation theory I have formulated, along with those best suited for your workplace. Additionally, here we will talk about nurturing productivity. This module is key to your practical- stretch assignment.

Month 3 – The third module becomes visible to you. This is a practical month where you will learn how to set goals that align with the company’s vision and get measurable results. You will create an action plan for the implementation of a projects in your workplace to practice your leadership skills and implement a project successfully. I will be working with you in the online classroom providing you with customized feedback and coaching on weekly challenges and your action plans. Finally, you will report the outcome in our online classroom so that I can coach, guide, and we can all learn from one another. We will create a community of leaders sharing best practices.

Classes available in my Teachable Academy. Scroll down to Register!  New additions including a  journal  mailed to you. 

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